When it comes to Brutal Death/Gore/Grind, you know what you're getting into most of the time: ridiculously fast, intense, blastbeat, gurgling guttural filled fuckinsanity that generally works a lot better in a live setting than it does on a record. is exactly that, only with a few songs that stand out on their own and contain practically all of the replay value that the material has to offer an absolutely powerful presence that commands your attention. Brutalkill formed being identical in construction disembowel and splattered Bleeding. comes from small city Blitar on East Java, Indonesia With a production that excels at grinding your face off, keep delivery to deliver the more complex hits directly to its listeners is quite a few points away from grinding assault for your face off.

  D I S C O G R A P H Y  
      RP - 008
" Blasted Anatomy " CD
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